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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So, this weekend I went back home to Charlotte for the opening of NEIMAN MARCUS...and while the display of thousands of hanging feather butterflies was beyond gorgeous:
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...I have to admit-I wasn't exactly bowled over. Dissapointing, I know! Maybe because it was super-crowded, or maybe I was pouty because it would cost me my next years allowance plus my left foot to afford anything in there besides free perfume samples. Me and my sister were perusing, and perusing some more. The cheapest thing we found were these $295 Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet and patent leather ballet flats:

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Then, THIS popped into my vision: These beyond crazy Miu Miu carved wooden platforms- I don't quite know what to make of them...they were surprisingly light but...hmmm

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Tell me what you think, loves.


Blogger shakeshake_it said...

Ooooer. I've seen those Miu Miu platforms before and I think they're divine. It's something about them that I just love. Maybe it's the gold or the over-the-topness or maybe just the genius of it all. They're beautiful. But that's just my opinion. ^___^

9:45 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

No, I see what you're saying...They were just so CRAZY...but now looking at them again, they're not so bad haha

9:37 AM  
Anonymous cadi said...

i am loving those platforms

maybe i should make a fashion blog

even though everyone and their mom alread has.


but anyways those platforms are huge and im alread 5'10

pshh i like heels though

even though my shortie friends will yell at me...


10:13 PM  

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