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Monday, July 20, 2009

Jules Smith

Every season, designers begin brainstorming their upcoming collection with one phrase: "What inspires me?" Everyone's taste is different, and inspiration can vary from the very literal all the way to the abstract. Often, a photo, a memory, or an ideal can pave the way for an entire line of clothing or accessories. The thought that something small, such as the smell of a summer evening you remember as a child, can launch a collection of clothing is both fascinating and beautiful to me.

Accessories designer Gina Nigrelli, creator of Jules Smith is inspired by both the literal and the abstract. Her jewelry designs, both modern and vintage, stem from her love of bygone decades. Think Studio 54 of the 70s meets over-the-top excess of the 80s, and you get the idea. Jules Smith jewelry encompasses everything from bold cuffs to delicate chain-links.

Of her collection, Gina says, " ...[it] pays homage to the iconic trends in fashion. One strong accessory, such as a dominant necklace, cuff or bold pair of earrings, completes a look that is timeless and effortlessly chic.” A study abroad experience in Harare, Zimbabwe, started Gina's love affair with vintage jewelry pieces, and she began sketching as well as collecting.

Now based out of Brooklyn, NY, Gina's Jules Smith collections is a celebrity favorite, with her pieces adorning the wrists and necks of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Mary-Kate Olsen, among others.


Jules Smith jellies

Shannen Doherty in a Jules Smith bangle

And, because summer time should be about free stuff (at least in my eyes) Jules Smith is offering up free jelly bracelets! Either add Jules Smith on facebook or follow her on her twitter page, and write about "what looks inspire you from decades past." Place your post either on her Twitter or Facebook fan page, and if your piece stands out, you'll have a beautifully adorned wrist, courtesy of Jules Smith!


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