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Monday, October 16, 2006

Laver's Law

I'd like to cite the *fabulous* Susie Bubble's fashion blog [] for this next post of mine. I read hers, and thought it was cute, and wanted to share it with you, my lovely readers. Enjoy♥

Laver's Law: [dictating the decorum of an era of dress]

Indecent: 10 years before its time

Shameless: years before its time

Daring: 1 year before its time

Smart: ----------

Dowdy: 1 year after its time

Hideous: 10 years after its time

Ridiculous : 20 years after its time

Amusing: 30 years after its time

Quaint: 50 years after its time

Charming: 70 years after its time

Romantic: 100 years after its time

Beautiful: 150 years after its time

So, would you rather be amusing, or charming? Romantic or beautiful? I'd life to be a combination of all of them if you ask me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to be everything, when i want to be, when i feel like it. aww, i love it too! ♥

8:08 PM  

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