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Monday, May 15, 2006

Summer Lovin'

Maybe I'm biased because I work there, but Anthropologie has some ADORABLE clothes for summer right now! Yesterday was my first day back since Christmas break, and I have fallen in love with everything! And hey, with my 40% discount, I might be able to actually afford some of it. Two of my favorites right now:

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This dress is a wee bit short for me, and I would probably end up wearing it with jeans, but, if I were feeling brave, I would wear it alone with flats, or some mid-height espedrilles. My rule is if you're showing a lot of skin up top/bottom, the shoes shouldn't be crazy tall. This dress is Le Shack by Tracy Feith, fittingly called "backyard luau dress"...and costs $328.00

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I love this because a) it's by Anna Sui b) it reminds me of my favorite vintage hankerchief, and c) the color is so damn summery! I haven't tried it on myself, but everyone who has tried it on looked amazing in it. And it seems to flatter those of us who are somewhat lacking in the chest department, accentuating what we do have. This Anna Sui dress, named "bea silk dress" is $228.00

These dresses can either be found at Anthropologie stores, catalogue, or website.


Blogger shakeshake_it said...

Those are soooo pretty. I love Anthropologie because their clothes are always so beautifully made. Dresses are taking over the universe, I swear. Have you gotten any yet? My mom got me one in France (she was there on business). I was so excited! It's off-white, creased with some eyelet and ruffles here and there, about knee-length. Adorable over a dark tee and flats.


3:46 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Ahhh, it sounds divine!
I really need to get some more dresses- I have a few, but they are really beginning to bore me. Once I get that paychck, out!

7:07 AM  
Blogger LuLu&Delonda said...

gahhhh i pretty much hate you for working there. i mean, im jealous. i go tto your blog by a friends blog so dont be creeped out or anything. oh and i am completely in love with the first dress. check out our blog.~lulu

9:08 AM  
Blogger Meredith said...

aw thanks so much!
I linked you♥

11:54 PM  

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