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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May is Meredith Music Month♥

Well, not really, but it should be! Here are some songs that are all-time faves, and some ones I love at the moment.
Download these songs right now or you will lead a very boring life:

"It's Oh So Quiet", Bjork
"A Favor House Atlantic", Coheed & Cambria
"Over My Head (Cable Car)", The Fray
"Golden Years", David Bowie
"Hey Boy", The Blow
"Waiting", Green Day
"LDN", Lily Allen
"Tender", Blur
"Tragedy", Brandi Carlile
"Airbag", Radiohead
"Hey Sandy", polaris
"Exit Music (For A Film)", Radiohead
"The Greatest", Cat Power
"Someday Never Comes", CCR
"Where Is My MInd?", The Pixies
"Fever", Peggy Lee
"Someone Else's Life", Joshua Radin
"New Song (From Me To You)", Dressy Bessy
"Take Me Somewhere Nice", Mogwai
"Submarine #3", Starlight Mints
"Across The Universe", Fiona Apple
"Dreams", The Cranberries
"The Maker Makes", Rufus Wainwright
"False Start", The Dining Rooms
"Song To The Siren", This Mortal Coil
"E-Pro", Beck
"I Love Paris", Frank Sinatra
"Indie Rock & Roll", The Killers
"Drawbridge", All Girl Summer Fun Band
"Little Star', Stina Nordenstam

Enjoy, loves!


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