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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Balenciaga Fall 2006 RTW

Although the shoes kind of scare me.....
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yeah..the rest of the collection is so unexpected and clever..I especially love the proportions if this one..granted, it doesn't hurt to be a 5'9", 100 lb. supermodel, but I think if you have guts and aren't afraid of color, that a mere mortal could wear it as well.
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I love the nautical detailing of this dress, and then mixing it with opaque tights and an english riding hat makes it fresh.
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And with every collection, there is always that brief, shining moment...
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And then this.

Overall, though, I like the feel of the clothes, and if I had tons of money at my disposal, I would definitely being buying some of this. To see the full collection, go to


Blogger lauren said...

Definately love your blog! I'll be sure to check again for more updates.

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